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Dental sealants are a great preventive treatment for your child and can protect their teeth from cavities. For sealants in Brentwood, call our office today.

Dental Sealants in Brentwood

At Marsh Creek Dental, we understand how important it is to protect your child’s teeth. That is why we offer dental sealants to our youngest patients, given them the help they need to keep their teeth healthy. We also provide them to adult patients who can benefit from receiving dental sealants.

Brushing and flossing are critical to preventing tooth decay, but children and teens often need additional help to keep their teeth cavity-free. The back teeth (called molars and premolars) have depressions and grooves in their chewing surfaces. These grooves can be difficult to reach with brushing and flossing alone, allowing bacteria to adhere to your teeth and cause cavities.

A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that we apply to the chewing surfaces of your teeth to prevent cavities. Our dentist recommends sealants for children ages of 6-14, once their permanent teeth come in. In some cases, we may recommend having your child’s baby teeth sealed if they have deep grooves in their teeth or other issues.

Receiving dental sealants is a simple and pain-free procedure, and it can be completed in just one visit to our office. After we make sure your teeth are clean and healthy, we paint the plastic coating over your teeth. The sealant quickly bonds to the surfaces of your teeth and fills the grooves and depressions, keeping bacteria from collecting inside them. You can brush and floss your teeth normally, resuming your daily life with the benefit of additional cavity protection.


Dental sealants can protect teeth for an average of 8-10 years. Be sure to schedule regular dental checkups to ensure the health and bond of your sealant. Your sealants will chip and wear down over time, and our dentist can replace them as necessary.

Children and teens are typically the best candidates for sealants, but some of our adult patients can also benefit from them. Adults without cavities or fillings on their back teeth can receive sealants. Be sure to ask our dentist if sealants are an option for you.

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Akash B.

I recently visited Marsh Creek Dental to have my fillings done. I found Dr Kumar to be friendly, personable and highly professional. He was very patient, informative and answered all my questions. The entire team at Marsh Creek Dental are very eager to help and provide a great service. I highly recommend a visit for your dental needs.

James B.

Very kind dentist/hygienist. Showed me my cavities in pictures from some device. Then cleaned my teeth and did my fillings in a very timely efficient manner while still being aware of any distress I might feel. Good people all around.

Paul C.

Years ago I was involved in a very bad car accident that necessitated major dental work, both in office and under surgery. Needless to say I’ve seen my fair share of dentists. By far Dr. Kumar has been the best I’ve ever seen. Also, his staff is top notch! I highly recommended Marsh Creek Dental!!
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