Dental Mouth Guards in

Athletes recognize the importance of mouth guards to protect their teeth from sports-related injury. For mouth guards in Brentwood, we have you covered. We also offer night guards for patients suffering from nighttime bruxism.

Dental Mouth Guards in Brentwood

At Marsh Creek Dental, we know the importance of protecting your teeth from sports-related injuries. That is why we are proud to offer durable and comfortable custom-made mouth guards. For patients who suffer from nighttime bruxism (clenching or grinding teeth during sleep), we also offer high-quality night guards.

Whether you are a professional football star or play on the high school team, mouth guards are an essential piece of equipment for athletes of all ages. Mouth guards are oral appliances worn over your top teeth to protect your mouth from impacts or hard falls. Injuries are common in contact sports such as football, basketball and hockey, and can also happen during outdoor activities such as cycling and skateboarding. Mouth guards absorb the force of blows to the face and teeth to prevent severe trauma.

Sports-related mouth injuries can range from minor cuts and scrapes to serious injuries, including:

  • Chipped, broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Broken tooth root
  • Cuts and scratches on the lips and inside of the mouth
  • Broken jaw
  • Concussion

An effective mouth guard should be comfortable, durable and well-fitted. To ensure the best protection, our dentist recommends a custom-fitted mouth guard for both adult and child athletes. Stock mouth guards are commercially available in most sporting goods stores and department stores. Though the cheaper alternative, these mouth guards come pre-formed and are often bulky and uncomfortable. They can slip during use and can impede your ability to speak and breathe normally.

A custom-made mouth guard from our office will be designed to fit your mouth for superior fit, comfort and protection. For patients with braces or dental work such as crowns and dental bridges, ask our dentist about your options. We may recommend a special mouth guard to protect these teeth.

If you suffer from nighttime bruxism, we also offer night guards. Bruxism can wear down your teeth over time, causing them to chip, crack or break more easily. Bruxism can also cause headaches and jaw pain. Our dentist may recommend a night guard to protect your teeth from damage and help you sleep a little more peacefully.

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I recently visited Marsh Creek Dental to have my fillings done. I found Dr Kumar to be friendly, personable and highly professional. He was very patient, informative and answered all my questions. The entire team at Marsh Creek Dental are very eager to help and provide a great service. I highly recommend a visit for your dental needs.

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Very kind dentist/hygienist. Showed me my cavities in pictures from some device. Then cleaned my teeth and did my fillings in a very timely efficient manner while still being aware of any distress I might feel. Good people all around.

Paul C.

Years ago I was involved in a very bad car accident that necessitated major dental work, both in office and under surgery. Needless to say I’ve seen my fair share of dentists. By far Dr. Kumar has been the best I’ve ever seen. Also, his staff is top notch! I highly recommended Marsh Creek Dental!!
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